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Siobhan W
The real deal!!! Dr. Tanya is the real deal! She's highly intuitive backed with prayers, wisdom and education. I was amazed by her accurate energy scan of me, as everything she said had such a familiar resonance with me.
Life Purpose Dr Tanya was very intuitive (and persistent) while guiding me along to recognise my own abilities. Felt a lot of energy through Forgiveness Meditation. Thank you.
Interesting and effective I found the session really interesting and we effectively moved many thoughts and emotions holding limiting patterns in place. Very interested to see how things continue to shift. I felt very comfortable with Dr Tanya and the entire process.
Matt K
Calm, cool and effective Tanya was great to work with and I am a results driven person. Tanya was able to ask good questions to get to the heart of the matter and then used her gifts to take it the rest of the way, which made for a very fulfilling experience and I would recommend her to anyone that is searching for answers as well as love and light in their lives.
Rob S
Awesome session My wife and I met Dr. Tanya at a holistic healing event at NICC in Dubuque. Right off the bat we felt drawn to her energy. We went to her presentation, and then had over the phone scans after. Dr. Tanya is very intuitive, and gives great advice. I would definitely recommend!
Javier L
Great! Is a great experience and graet person. Always belive.
Chelsea W
Amazing!! Within minutes of speaking with Dr. Tanya English, I immediately started to feel transformed! I finally feel free of some of my burdens and I can't be more thankful for Dr. Tanya English's help and guidance!
Amazing! Dr. Tanya English is amazing! I have just had one call with her till now and I could feel a breakthrough in my money beliefs! I would recommend her services to anyone who wants to work on their belief systems around money. She is kind, friendly and wise and has a knack of gently tapping onto your negative beliefs and shifting them into positive. Thank you Tanya for your kindness and wisdom!
Wendy V
Bio Energy Scan Dr. English was very personable and made me feel comfortable immediately. The information provided was detailed and helpful. I am excited to begin our eight-week session together!
Crystal F
Huge energetic shifts and breakthroughs I did a money shadow release with Dr Tanya and initially thought I had experienced the full effect with the energy healing that took place during my session. However, I received even bigger breakthroughs later and was able to become acutely aware of shifting my mindset where I hadn’t before. The old patterns and habits in me died yesterday and were replaced with positive encouragement and mindset from my newfound happiness gps. Thank you!
Dianne C
informative The body scan with Dr. Tanya was a very informative and opening experience. I felt that the findings were accurate and resonated with me at a level beyond words! I AM motivated to claim the promise of this information and step forward in full awareness of my truth!
Powerful Dr. English challenged me, in a good way! Working with her was deeper than any other intuitive healing I've ever experienced. We worked through tough blocks I've built up in myself, and even explored past lives. She truly has a gift and uses it to help people become their best selves!
Jennie B
Uplifting Having an energy scan, digging deep had some surprises for me. A part of me transformed in a most glorious way. Pure joy. Thank you Dr Tanya.
Dr.Jenna Hobbins Davenport,IA
An absolute Must! Do it for you. I am very impressed with the talents,gifts and abilities of Dr.Tanya English. She utilizes many well practiced tools to update clients' Energy System. Clearing interference allows a free flow of energy to create what you really desire,to thrive and experience a full satisfying life. Give the gift of renewal by investing in yourself. You are well worth it.
Anita B
Energy scan Dr. Tanya's energy scan was so deep! I was amazed at what she was able to "see." Thank you for your insights and your profound influence on my direction!
Marshell G
Energy Scan The scan was thorough and touched on some key points.
Douglas S
Healer Dr. Tanya is a wonderful spirit. She is a compassionate guide and a teacher. My life is better due to my time with her
Jennifer Lopez
Transformative Healing Scan I just got off the phone with Dr. Tanya and am charged up and ready to GO! It was amazing how accurate my Healing Scan was. She not only pinpointed some of the major issues I’m ready to transform, but she even used the exact words I use! I think of myself as voiceless, she said I feel as though no one can hear me; I think of myself as being a ghost in my own life, she used the word ghost to describe me. I truly feel seen and heard by Dr. Tanya, and I’m signing up for her 8 week program to transform my blocks and change my life!
Alice J
Intuitive Energy Scan with Dr Tanya I recently received an intuitive energy scan from Dr Tanya and it was simply amazing!!! The degree of healing and energy shifts I was able to obtain is still taking place days later I am still feeling the energetic effects which have altered my being in countless ways. She literally helped move me from constriction and fear to a degree of rational optimism and newfound joy. There is truly something magical in the way she intuitively guided me to a level of letting go that I wasn't sure or didn't believe was possible for me and she was able to help me achieve these results on so many levels in my life that I am sure I will never be the same again. My relationship with myself has changed as I feel so much love this extends to all my relationships and my confidence moving forward with my healing business and in my personal life. I feel grounded and ready for new opportunities. My energy is healing and ready to play and have fun and I am in a state of deep trust moving forward. Thank u Dr Tanya With Sincere Gratitude, Alice J.
Dragana L
Joyful experience I love Dr. Tanya. So easy going and jet she has that gentle touch that goes through all wall and belief that don't serve us anymore and touches soul. What a reminder that we are beautiful God's beings. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Suzette M
Recognizing Your Value Dr. English is a vibrant teacher and 'looks into' your self. Perhaps you have feelings of 'insignificance'. If this thought resonates within you, Dr. English can help you see where these feelings first took root, and then helps you see what changes you might be able to make in your life and in your heart. These beliefs could be limiting you and impacting your life in enormous ways. She teaches you to shift your perceptions around your own ability to affect your life and impact the world. And you may just discover wonderful parts of yourself that you had long ago forgotten. There may even be exciting new parts that you never even knew existed. Dr. English assists you in exploring the possibilities and renewing your connection with your self and the universe.
Emilia M
scan Wonderfull :)
Genesis M
Self-care These intuitive services provided me with many tools, and affirmations to realize my multifarious being. I was able to have a tenderness towards myself I didn't think was possible. I became more self-aware, forgiving, and the path is clearer then it used to be. I know what I want and how to attain it. It's always important to take on the intuitive path wholesomely, and with a lightness. I hope you have many good fortunes. :)
Genesis M
Reading Had an awesome reading. I discovered beautiful imagery that resonated with my current energetic field, and chakras. I allowed me to put my experiences into context. :)
Alice J
Thank you for the recent energy healing scan Thank you Dr Tanya for the recent energy healing scan and channeled prayer work you provided for me. How do i feel? I feel fully capable and eager to continue my healing journey and continue to show up fully and offer my services. In fact I see, feel and hear myself and my services expanding and really being free to say yes to more time, money and opportunities. Thank you so much for your time, energy, and effort and many blessings and much love to you and your healing business!!
Ed E
Spirit, mind, body. Quantum healing. All the very best in whole-being care. Dr. Tanya has over 20 years of experience and brings a unique approach to the healing arts. She offers sound advice on rest, nutrition, and has a real desire to help people heal, not just remove symptoms. Find out how she can help you to thrive, not just stay alive.
Intuitive Strategy Session Dr. English always helps me to advance-- she is someone who will fight for you. I was not moving forward in my healing business and she encouraged me to go at my own pace and identified what was holding me back (prayer technique). So we worked on that. Identifying it was a big breakthrough and i had not done that on my own. She always helps me a lot and always channels valuable information that I am ready to hear. With her help, I go to the next step.
Dr. Tanya
New Review
A truly life-altering experience. I recommend Dr. English to everyone I know.

The first time I saw Dr. English was for performance anxiety. I have always had some anxiety singing in front of people, whether it’s 2 or a few hundred but I’ve learned to just deal with it and do it. After landing a short gig projected to have an audience of 4,000 people, along with several of the 2016 Presidential Candidates, to say I had nervous butterflies was a large understatement.
Several weeks before the event, just thinking about it would make my heart race, hands shake, palms sweat and cause some shortness of breath. 
After ONE session with Dr. English, it all disappeared. I felt calm, cool and collected and knew I was going to nail it. Even in the last few minutes before I got on stage, even in the few seconds I held the microphone under bright lights, in a completely silent room with thousands of eyes all on me, I felt better than I have ever felt on stage.  Being able to let everything go made for an incredible experience. I felt heavy thumps in my chest as I finished the song and waited for the crowds reaction but they came purely from the rush of giving it my all and losing myself in the music. 

Several months later, I joined Dr. English in her 8 week Wellness program. I was going through a lot of change in my life with a fresh separation from my partner of nearly 6 years, which led to searching for a new home, dealing with family, mutual friends and everything else that comes with it. A lot of change was happening and though it was overwhelming at times, I was handling it pretty well. I was content and I was accepting all the change. I didn’t feel like I NEEDED emotional help and support. But with all that was changing around me, I wanted to change too. I wanted to evolve into a better version of myself. I wanted to realize what I want and need most in my life. Most of all, I wanted to learn how to always be happy. 
My weekly appointments with Dr. English were the highlight of every week. I have learned more about myself than I have over the course of many years. I am the happiest I have ever been in my life. 
I wake up happier every day and I know that whatever life throws me, I can handle it and everything is going to be okay if I let it be. 
I feel the difference and my family and friends have all noticed the transformation.

Whether you are looking to improve your quality of life or have an urgent need for help, Dr. English can do it all. I’ve been on both sides of the spectrum and the transformation has been life-altering. 

Thank you Dr. English for guiding me and teaching me how to allow myself to grow into the person I’ve always wanted to be.  

-KM, 25
Dr. Tanya
New Review 2 Wow, I just had a session with Dr. Tanya English and it was great. She truly has a gift. She can dig down to what is really going on behind the scenes concerning Your life and what may be behind That! Her technique is something I have never experienced before. Really eye opening and helped me to see aspects of my life from a new perspective.


Christel N
Great coaching Thank you so much. The whole process felt so right and spot on. I am left with a clearer picture of the focus I need to have and the actions I need to take.
Eva J
Absolutely Amazing I’ve been working on forgiveness for some time now and have never been able to accept or forgive myself. But with my session with Dr English, I have with gratitude and completeness. I can say I can continue working on putting my life back together, with positive attitude and outlook! Absolutely Amazing! Thank you,