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Provider: From Heartache to Joy
Service:Deep Radical Forgiveness change

Forgiveness is the universal solvent for joy and peace. We will do this together with subconscious healing techniques to release the deeply held grudges that keep gumming up the works! Allow for a 90 minute call with Dr. Tanya English over the phone in the US or zoom outside of US. You will be sent the invitation to the zoom meeting in your email so make sure to look for it from

You can download and print out the Forgiveness Exercise here. 
After the Forgiveness Session we will discuss next steps in your healing.Dr. English will call you if you are inside the US. If not you will receive an email with instructions for a meeting. 
The session will take about 90 minutes after which next steps for you will be discussed. Payment will be done at the time of the appointment.

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