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Quantum Healing International brings healing to the most fundamental part of your being by using gentle techniques for opening to more Divine Love and inviting God Consciousness into our lives. 

Our chiropractic care is non- and low-force. The body does not have to be coerced to heal but invited and allowed to heal. Read more  

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  • Intuitive Services

      The first thing that we'll do is have a conversation.
      We may then proceed to an Intuitive Energy Scan. It is a FREE reading of your chakras (the body/mind/spirit’s energy skeleton) which holds a great deal of information. It can show blocks to your desires and fulfillment of your life purpose.  This will help us discover whether Money Shadows is a perfect fit for you.
      This 6 month transformational healing course begins with a conversations about your vision for your life which may lead to an Intuitive Energy Scan.
      What is an Intuitive Energy Scan?
      It is a FREE reading of your chakras (the body/mind/spirit’s energy skeleton) which hold a great deal of information.”We are spiritual beings having a human [physical] experience.”-Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. When we allow our body/mind/spirit to open up to the vast amount of information we hold on the energetic level, we can learn more about our physical life here and now. In that energy, time and space are immaterial. An example of this is when we have experienced thinking about someone or something and then it shows up in our life. This new information/awareness brings you to a choice of continuing to keep those old beliefs that are creating patterns you may not like in your life, or allowing yourself to make a commitment to transforming your energy, belief and patterns to a new place that creates more opportunities for freedom, joy and peace in your life. We can then discuss what next steps are appropriate for you in your healing journey.
      You will be called or contacted through Skype or Allow for a 60 minute call.
      This is a FREE session for those who have already done an INTUITIVE ENERGY SCAN. We explore the possibilities for help and support for you as you go further with using your intuitive gifts.
      Forgiveness is the universal solvent for joy and peace. We will do this together with subconscious healing techniques to release the deeply held grudges that keep gumming up the works! Allow for a 1 hour call with Dr. Tanya English over the phone in the US or zoom outside of US. More Peace, joy and love. 


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